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Light for Life is a New Church congregation. We are moving to Columbia City, Seattle!  We have a new location, and will launch on October 7th, 2012.  Our new address is: 3820 S. Ferdinand St, Seattle 98118 We worship every Sunday at 10:30 am, offering both a childrens program and adult message.  Our church offers programs and activities as well as worship services and Sunday School classes.  (Please visit the other sections of this site to see our weekly offerings).

The New Church , a new Christianity, teaches that there is one God who we know as the Lord God Jesus Christ. We believe that God created the universe and everything in it with an ultimately loving purpose and that religion is to be lived, not just believed. The New Church is based on the teachings of the Bible as illuminated by Emanuel Swedenborg, an eighteenth century theologian and scientist. Swedenborg provided an explanation of the Bible's internal meaning, as well as writing many additional volumes which shed light on why we're here and how to develop a functional relationship with God.  The teachings of the New Church are immediately practical and deeply spiritual and provide answers to many questions about God, love and life after death that make sense. 

This website is your window into current Light for Life New Church activities and your outlet for resources ranging from online sermons to information about our worship services and our various programs. Please email us with your questions. We warmly invite you to participate to worship with and join the Light for Life New Church for activities that interest you.